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FAQ - Auto Coverage

What does the policy cover?

  • Your owned or leased vehicles
  • Excess liability for you, your spouse, domestic partner, and/or children living in the household
  • Temporary transportation in the event of a loss
  • Rental insurance
  • Towing
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Medical Payments for others
Optional coverages available
  • Property Damage Coverage during transit to/from the United States
  • Duty coverage

Do you provide insurance on motorcycles?
No, we are sorry, but we do not cover motorcycles at this time.

Where is coverage provided?
Everywhere except the United States and Canada.

Is terrorism covered?
We will review the circumstance of any loss to determine if coverage exists.

What is excess liability coverage?
You will need to buy primary liability insurance in the country you are in, with at least the compulsory liability limits for the jurisdiction. Our policy will cover $500,000 in excess of that policy. If you don't get a local policy, you will not be covered for that compulsory limit amount, or first $25,000, whichever is greater.

What medical payments are covered?
There is coverage for medical payments for you, passengers in your car, or anyone else who might be injured by your car.

Does my policy cover damages to my car if an uninsured person hits me?
Yes, damage to your vehicle is covered whether or not the other person is insured.

What is an accidental death or dismemberment?
This is a severe bodily injury or death as a result of a covered loss. Coverage for this is included on all policies.

Is there loss of income coverage?
If you are attending a hearing or trial related to a covered loss in litigation, you may receive up to $150 per day for loss of income.

If I get a new vehicle, is it covered automatically?
You will need to contact us in advance of any additions or changes to your policy.

Am I covered if I am driving my car in the US?
No, you will need a different policy for driving in the US or Canada.

Am I covered if I visit the US and drive someone else’s car or rent one?
You will need to get coverage from the rental company. If you are driving a friend's car, you should have coverage under their policy as a permissive driver.

I live with someone – are they covered if they drive my car? Can I add their car to my policy?
A spouse, domestic partner, or child may be covered under our policy. You should add them as a driver and add any vehicles they own.

Are my kids covered on my auto policy?
Yes, as long as they live in the household.

Towing and Rental Questions
How much rental reimbursement do I get?
In the event of a covered loss, your policy will allow for a car rental for $20 per day with a maximum benefit of $300. There is no deductible on this policy coverage.

When I rent a car, do I need to get rental insurance or does my policy cover it?
You need to purchase the rental insurance. Your policy does not cover you while you are in a rental car or a car not listed on your policy. However, your policy does cover reimbursement for the insurance on a rental car for $15 per day for up to 21 days.

Is there reimbursement for towing or roadside assistance?
Yes, you can be reimbursed for up to $110 per incident.

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